Tans, Sunburns, and the New FDA Regulations on Sunscreens

Mike Dannheim

What is a Tan? Before one goes out to catch some rays, it is important to understand what a tan is. Not all tans are the same, and proper knowledge of what a tan really is will help you understand why you get sunburned. Tanning is the skins way of protecting itself from Ultra Violet rays. Additionally, different skin types have different levels of tolerance to sun exposure. The ability of protection is determined by how much pigment (called melanin) your skin can make and how quickly the skin produces it. Melanin is contained in small granules that form and...

Achieved Highest Rating 3rd Straight Year

Mike Dannheim

EWG Gives Zinc Oxide & Organic Sunscreen Ingredients #1 Rating 2013 Raw Elements USA is pleased to announce that it has received the highest Environmental Working Group sunscreen rating possible. Raw Elements USA sunscreen manufacturers an all-natural organic base sunscreen with zinc oxide that protects your skin and is extremely water resistant even in the most harsh elements. Despite the increased use of chemical sunscreens, skin damage and skin cancer are at epidemic levels. When using sunscreen, it is imperative that you apply a sunscreen properly to actually protect your skin. Raw Elements USA all-natural, zinc oxide and organic sunscreen ingredients provide...

FDA Guidelines

Mike Dannheim

UNDERSTANDING THE NEW FDA GUIDELINES ON SUNSCREEN New sunscreen regulations were supposed to start in June, 2012 though the new FDA has just pushed these guidelines forward to year’s end 2012. These new rules only affect the labeling and the testing of sunscreens. This ruling is the first on sunscreen since 1978, and should offer some clarity to the world of sunscreen. The new regulations, however, should ground many claims made by companies, which will allow consumers to make a more educated choice when determining which Broad Spectrum sunscreen is best for them.